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Integration with DMTCP

The software package DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing ‐ dmtcp.sourceforge.net), allows you to organize “transparent” checkpointing(CP) of multi-threaded and distributed programs. Package implemented at the system-level libraries of the operating system (OS) GNU / Linux and requires no modifications to the kernel.

DMTCP allows to provide CP formation and restoring from them for such programs as: OpenMPI, MATLAB, Python, Perl. It supports different programming languages​​, including “scripting” languages​​.

Currently only network protocol TCP/IP supported. In the future it is planned to implement support for Infiniband technology and Myrinet.

At the moment, DMTCP performed only experimental support for delta compression using HBICT. To enable it, perform the following steps:

1. Download, unpack and install HBICT according to the instructions given in the section About HBICT.

2. If it's necessary (in the case of a non-standard HBICT installation directory) to add to the PATH environment variable path to the executable hbict.

3. If it's necessary download and unpack DMTCP source code:

$ tar -xzvf dmtcp-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
$ cd dmtcp-X.Y.Z

4. Configure the source code

$ ./configure --enable-delta-compression <другие опции>

5. Build the DMTCP's binaries:

$ make

6. To test the efficiency of obtained software on the set of test problems that comes with the DMTCP source code, execute the command:

$ make check

7. If testing is completed successfully - perform the DMTCP's package installation:

$ make uninstall install